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Kouts Elementary School PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization)

Our KES PTO is an organization where all KES parents, along with two teachers and our school principal, are the members. The teachers and principal advise us of the ongoing needs of our students. Then, parents make the decisions on how all fundraiser profits are spent. Our goal and purpose is to make school a wonderful experience for our children.  Sometimes funding does not allow schools to always provide the “little extras” that make learning fun. The PTO does fundraisers each year to provide funds for these events. Fundraisers include Box Tops for Education, restaurant nights, Butter Braids, etc.

Past Events:

  • Family Fun Nights (Fall and Winter)—Free to attend
  • Field Day and “Last Day of School” activities
  • Ice Cream Social—Free to attend
  • KES Christmas Shop
  • Student assemblies

In addition to the above-mentioned events, the PTO also provides the monthly donuts and juice treats for the classes with high attendance to encourage students to come to school. Also, we have purchased playground equipment, board games, toys for recess, and coolers for field trips.

Finally, we give each teacher and grade level funds to help them pay for different items in the classroom to enhance our children’s learning. The teachers are able to purchase books, craft items, computer programs, and more. Our children benefit from all of these items and activities.

If you have ever come to a Family Fun Night or had your child shop at the KES Christmas Shop, your family has enjoyed a PTO event. Please consider joining us at our next meeting, helping at our next event, or supporting our present and future fundraisers.  (Meetings are typically held the first Tuesday of each month at 4:30 PM.)